There are many ways to both define what success means to you and to be successful in your life. Below are a few key strategies that will help you to be successful.

1) Find out what you love to do and do it: Sometimes we spend time in jobs, relationships, and other situations that we just do not like. It is important to find things that you love to do, things that bring you joy, so you can spend time doing them. You are more likely to be successful if you have consistent activities, hobbies, and tasks that make you happy.

2) Learn to achieve balance in your life: This is something we all know we need to do, but achieving it can be challenging. Balance means we allow time for work, relationships, hobbies and taking care of ourselves. It takes effort to make that time, but being out of balance leads to negative consequences like stress, burnout and fatigue.

3) Do not be afraid to fail or be willing to take a risk: Fear of failure stops us from trying out new strategies and new ways of being. And these new and different things could be life changing. There is a saying that without risk there is no reward and that is truth. Playing it safe only leads to more of the same. And when you fail there is always something to learn,

4) Take action, don’t just talk about it: We get caught up in our thoughts, plans and dreams. And we can replay them over and over again. And we can verbalize then so that others know our plans. But there can be no forward movement or progress without action. Acting on plans and dreams and making changes is the only way we can be successful. In the end, its all about the behaviors. Don’t dream it, be it (also a great RocKy Horror song).

5) Think innovatively: Great ideas are generated by those that think out of the box. Innovation is a path to new and different ideas that lead to successful ventures. Sometimes when you pen a statement with “This sounds crazy, but”  you are on to something that could be great.

6) Always believe that you can succeed and be positive: We all know that half the battle is believing in ourselves and our ability to succeed. And it is not easy to do and is an ongoing process. But, if you expect success and have a positive attitude that you can achieve your goals, then you have set yourself up for positive outcomes.

7) Don’t be afraid to work hard: To achieve anything we must commit to working hard. Success stories always involve years of dedication and hard work. Things in life do not typically come easily, as much as we wish they would. Instant success stories are the exception, not the rule.

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