Powered by passion. Driven by results.

In my 25 years of work as a consultant and community psychologist, my mission has been to leave communities and organizations better than when I found them—to be a change agent, solutions finder and advocate for better results. My passion is to help people who do good, do better.

I focus on organizations who serve diverse and disenfranchised populations. I have experience in myriad areas; school readiness/youth prevention, adult literacy and workforce development, sexual assault/domestic violence, safety net, community health/wellness and disaster recovery.

I work in all phases of the life cycle of organizations and initiatives; from mission and program development and resourcing to evaluating outcomes, impact and sustainability. I build capacity using creative and knowledge based client-centered design that leads to impact on communities.


  • We believe in continuously challenging assumptions in favor of embracing discovery and inquiry to better understand, and therefore better respond to issues and needs identified by people in the organizations and communities we serve.
  • We believe in building the capacity of the organizations and communities with which we work to design, grow, and sustain a process or program.
  • We believe there is no such thing as “one size fits all” so we tailor our designs and approaches to each project.
  • We believe in being practical and placing things within the context of what agencies or communities already know or are doing.
  • We believe the key to results lies in basic principles of human relationships and interpersonal dynamics—listening, being heard, feeling useful, and being respected.

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