What clients have to say about Results Consulting

“Dr. Medlock helped build the capacity of South Carolina First Steps initiatives statewide, from program inception. She fostered better planning and evaluation strategies to maximize our impact on early literacy. She also facilitated a process that led to the formation of a First Steps Directors Coalition. This helped directors have a collective voice and impact on implementation of policies, procedures and programs for our 0 to 5 population.  Overall, Dr. Medlock’s goal was always about making things work better and ensuring positive outcomes.”

Rick Noble

CEO, Richland County First Steps Partnership and Member of the SC First Steps Board of Trustees

“Dr. Medlock has been an incredible asset, especially in the range of developing board relations, building our fundraising capacity, and conducting program evaluations with campers and parents.”

Mollie Williamson

Executive Director, Girls Rock Columbia

“Dr. Medlock worked tirelessly with recovery efforts from the historic 2015 South Carolina floods. Her leadership and dedication to helping others brought families home and the community together.”

Jennifer Moore

Senior Director, Financial Stability Council, United Way of the Midlands

“Working with Beth has been a great experience.  She brings a wealth of talent and skill to the strategic planning process.  She kept our community coalition engaged throughout the two-day session and we walked out with clear direction and action steps. She taught us skills that we use at each meeting to get collective input and buy-in for decision making, planning and quality improvement.  This has greatly enhanced the work we do and helped us become a strong viable coalition. Awarded a Healthy Carolina grant June 2016 – Thanks Beth!”

Barbara Grice

Director of Community Health Improvement, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

“Dr. Medlock provides quality products because she takes time to understand a client’s goals, is creative and flexible and frankly because she works hard. Her passion for community improvement contributes to her effectiveness and makes it enjoyable to work with her. I enthusiastically endorse her work.”

Anita Floyd

Senior VP for Community Impact and Strategic Implementation, United Way of the Midlands

“Dr. Medlock has been a blessing and an inspiration to TVI.  We are where we are today and are providing independent living services because of what she began.  Our board is engaged (in fact we’ll receive the Aflac leadership prize), we have a presence in social media and I can say “yes” when someone calls for help! None of it would be happening if she hadn’t come along when she did. She was a catalyst.”

Jeanie Farmer

Executive Director, The Vision Institute of South Carolina

“Dr. Medlock is a very engaging, thorough consultant who makes the tedious a positive experience. She led several outcomes/logic model trainings, survey implementation, and strategic planning sessions for our region and made it enjoyable for all – from volunteers, new professionals to seasoned experts.”

Sharon Novinger

Executive Director, Partners for Youth Prevention

“Dr. Medlock has made a great impact on the lives of those who have been devastated by the 2015 flood and they will never forget, and I as a case manager will always remember her kindness and professionalism.”

Alice Wearing

Case Manager, Hearts and Hands Disaster Recovery


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